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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

“When you get, give. When you learn, teach.” Maya Angelou

At Atelier Kadõ, in Antwerp, Belgium, we are feeling the cold snap of winter and it is especially good to have a hot cup of tea in the studio. The atmosphere is cozy as the sun streams in the window to warm our bodies and lights the twigs and blooms on the work tables. The students snip, bend, twist, place and discuss, then disassemble and carefully package their arrangements against the cold to bring them home to make again. We feel lucky to work with lovely green materials and such nice people. The exchange of ideas is rewarding: the teacher and student learn in the process.

We are also learning in the process of idea exchange on the web. On this blog, we post images of student works and some are writing about their experience, too. We are exploring other blogs and find inspiration and encouragement in postings by masters and students alike. We are developing a list of ikebana blogs ( Nordic Lotus, Atelier Tokibana and Shoso Ikebana are but a few, and a longer list is beginning in the right column); please share your favorites and then we will share them, too. At tumblr, our newest e-adventure, we post ikebana images paired with text and invite people do the same on our  All Living Flowers page so that we can learn from each other and so more people can enjoy the beauty in this art form. Will you join us on tumblr?

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