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Thursday, January 5, 2012


But what in the world is not coincidental. Coincidence abounds in every aspect of life. Coincidence should not be considered impure or imperfect.
Teshigahara Sofu KADENSHO

When something unexpected happens we can be stunned, startled or simply and pleasantly surprised. So much of our day is about planning, plotting and is often quite predictable.  There is comfort in the familiar, but when things get a little too familiar it can be unsettling, or at least remarkable.  Maybe we notice coincidence, the moments in time that are not planned but feel like they are, because  they are a break from our normal routine and remind us to embrace changes, chances and connections. 

Today, after happily collecting a big pile of small shells at the North Sea, there was a most delightful coincidence of finding this post about lovely, playful mussel princesses created by the ikebana shop with their Nova Scotia mussels and fine chiyogami paper.  Pure Delight.


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