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Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Japanese Gardens for a Calm Mind

… taking the time to calm our minds leads to a healthy brain 
and having a special place for that purpose
makes calming our minds easier to do.

All of us accept the fact that we have a subconscious mind and that it plays a powerful role in our lives. … The Japanese not only attempt to make contact with their subconscious mind, creating special places that facilitate this internal exercise is part of their culture. One of these special places is the Japanese Garden and there is strong evidence that indicates it can play a powerful role in assisting us in calming our mind.
Japanese Gardens Designed by Ilse Beunen
Researchers who observed the effects of Japanese gardens on Alzheimer's patients concluded that they appear to relieve stress and calm the people who sit in them. They concluded "Japanese gardens have a point of view, sun and shade, and a meandering, natural flow for the eye."
Tolkantoor Bed and Breakfast
According to the Rutgers news release at one point during the testing, there was a cricket singing in a chrysanthemum plant, "Ten days passed before the next garden visit. Yet when they returned to the garden, two of the four patients who had heard the chirping asked: 'Where is the cricket?'

That these people could associate the cricket with the garden after one brief exposure--and retained this association for ten days--basically gave me goose bumps. The caveat is that in a rigorous sense, this has to be recognized as anecdotal, qualitative data. For right now, however, the results are a strong incentive for us to keep going."
Sculpture: Ann Swerts

this  text from a post at www.worldlifeexpectancy.com

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