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Tuesday, January 17, 2012

something beautiful, something happy and something wonderful…

Akane Teshigahara is the third Iemoto of Sogetsu School. Her grandfather is Sofu Teshigahara, the first Iemoto. She learned ikebana from Kasumi Teshigahara, her aunt and second Iemoto from her early childhood. She is now expanding her activities into stage arts, jewelry design, and collaboration with dancers, musicians, calligraphers, and other artists. With her fresh and original sensibility, she has established her own style by being in tune with the times.

In her delightful blog, A bunch of thoughts she hopes for a year of Smiles and writes  “My resolution for 2012 is to enact a ‘metamorphosis.’ I would like to change physically and mentally throughout the year. Of course, I cannot change in a day. So, in order to enrich myself, I plan to live each day dedicated to accumulate such days, taking action with initiative to find something beautiful, something happy and something wonderful…”

At Atelier Kadõ we are motivated by her happy words and over the next days we will feature her beautiful teachings and wonderful images as well as videos recorded in 2010 on the occasion of  “50 Golden Years of Sogetsu, Australia and New Zealand.”   Enjoy.


One thing leads to another. As usual.  It was Edmund Yeo’s posting about his research for a script that led us to these videos.   Thank you for sharing and we wish you success with your endeavors.

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