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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Climate Change

Norbert Millauer//Associated Press
After what has been a relatively mild winter, recent extreme cold and heavy snow has buried parts of Europe claiming the lives of hundreds of people. Climate change is affecting us all, and all the time. But often, we only really feel it in the extremes.

David Hecker/dapd/Associated Press
Climate plays an important role in natural ecosystems- the interdependent system of plants, animals, and microorganisms interacting with one another and their environment. Ecosystems provide humans with food, clean water, and a variety of other services that could be affected by climate change. The more the climate changes, the greater the risk of harm. The recent loss of life is tragic and let's hope we can ease the suffering man and beast but also take action to protect and preserve our environment.

Arno Balzarini/Associated Press
There is great debate on the scope and pattern of climate change, but little doubt that we need to address our human impact. In the next weeks, we'll look for ways to "be green-er" and welcome your ideas and suggestions for living lightly on the land.

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